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Perfect Optics is a professional enterprise integrating lens sales and production.
We have the latest production equipment and technology in Korea, as well as a high-quality staff. Our products are exported to the United States, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
1.499 index lenss
1.56 middle index lens
1.591 polycarbonate
1.60 high index lens
super high-index
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We believe, all what we are doing is good for human beings, good for society and active experience. We devote ourselves to our customers a vivid world views as well as realize our life Value. We are proud of this deeply! We like to devote all in our whole life.
1.Company Concept: Based on the people, serve the society
2.Quality policy: Surviving by quality, developing by quality
3.Quality aim: Pursuing perfect products
4.Enterprise Culture Standard:
Core Value : in pursuiting of the enterprise’s growing with the staff together;
our trust: people who work and contribute for the enterprise with full heart and full spirit;
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